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Intensive Spoken English Online Course (B1/B1+)


Intensive Spoken (Conversational) English Course (B1, Online) - Got Your English - Discounted Price

Intensive Spoken English Online Course - Speak English confidently in just 10 weeks!

(Update 28.03.2024 – No spots left!)
After more than 750 students and 6 years of experience teaching English, our Ivy League-educated English tutor Vessy, is embarking on a new adventure! 🙂 
Starting April 10, for 10 weeks (40 class hours), we invite you to our Intensive Spoken English Online Course at the B1/B1+ level!

Instructor: Vesselina Naidenova


Intensive Spoken English Online Course - Description

Our mission is to build lasting English knowledge and confidence in your speaking abilities – in a short amount of time.  

This intensive spoken English online course focuses on strengthening your vocabulary and overall confidence when conversing in English. For communication in English to be successful though, you still need a good grasp of the basic grammar structures, appropriate for the Intermediate level. Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with countless grammar exercises – we’ll just cover what you need to know

The spoken English online course is designed meticulously so that we improve your English speaking skills quickly but also – thoroughly. Rome wasn’t built in a day – even intensive language courses need a few extra hours planned. Our courses are more focused and comprehensive than our competitors’. That’s why we’re confident when we promise long-lasting improvement in our student’s English knowledge.

We value individual attention when it comes to teaching, hence the spoken English online groups are very limited (maximum 6 participants). Forget about the large, unfocused study groups and get ready to actually have the time to speak during the sessions.

We also know how burnt out you must feel from following multiple textbooks and not seeing any significant results. Our approach to each group is flexible and adaptable – we utilize a combination of study materials (not just one textbook) and we adjust the curriculum as per the needs of the students.

You can read more about Vessy’s professional background on our Team page.


What more you get

Student Feedback

You can read student success stories and testimonials here.

80 minutes, 2 times per week

40 class hours, 10 weeks

Skill level: B1/B1+

Class : Online

480 BGN

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